I do not claim to be inspired, nor do I believe I have been selected by God as a special messenger to planet earth. I do not even think it is vital that you agree with what I present here.

I am always interested in learning from others and adjusting my beliefs. Indeed many of my beliefs here explained are views that have developed and changed over the years. If you have a view and wish to present it to me and persuade me, that is fine but let me first tell you what will and will NOT persuade me.

If you are disturbed or upset by any of the things I say, before you decide to write a critical note:

If you use derogatory words, sarcasm or condemnatory speech, then you will persuade me that your belief-system has had very little positive effect on you and I am not interested in what you have to say. If you really want me to conclude that your belief system does you no good, then go ahead and share your sarcasm.

Argumentation that depends upon the opinions of uninspired people means nothing to me. If you wish to refer to some folks that lived in the intertestmental period or a group of Bible students who lived in the fourth century, you should remove that material from your note, it will only make me wonder if you really have a case.

In your reasoning, you should be careful to do your homework (Proverbs 18:13). If you have not looked to see if the references are correct then there is no point in disputing my claims.

Often my articles ask questions about the meaning of key scriptures. If you wish to persuade me of your view, you need to address those questions. If you have no explanation or answer then you can hardly be confident that your position is correct while mine is in serious error.